After what some called a lukewarm response to the grand jury decision involving Darren Wilson and the shooting death of Michael “Mike” Brown, President Barack Obama has planned meetings today over the nationwide unrest. From Ferguson, Mo. to several other cities, protesters are growing in number and the White House seeks to address the matter.

With trust between citizens and police eroding after the deaths of Brown, Eric Garner, Darrien Hunt and other Black men at the hands of police, the Obama administration seeks to heal the rift. Back in August, President Obama requested a review of federal funding and programs that provide equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies.

At the root of the review was the use of military-style equipment in Ferguson, and the aggressive application of tactics on the ground. On Tuesday, the president’s Cabinet will assemble to discuss the protests, the police response and what steps should be taken next.

President Obama will then meet with a gathering of civil rights leaders and gather their perspective regarding their ongoing efforts. On the table will be discussions on how communities of color largely mistrust police in their respective areas and how to overcome those challenges. That meeting will take place in the Oval Office.

The president will then meet with elected officials, community leaders, faith-based leaders and law enforcement officials from various cities across the country. The group will share their ideas on how to forge a bond law enforcement and the communities they’re assigned to protect.


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