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Back in April of this year, 50 Cent lost a massive lawsuit against his first-born headphone company, Sleek Audio for stealing their designs and using them to flaunt his next chick, SMS Audio.

The penalty was a stiff one: $16 million ($17.2 million after legal fees).

Being the G-Unit rebel that he is, 50 refused to pay Sleek one red cent of his money but now his bank accounts have been put on ice as a result of his defiance.

Via TMZ:

50 Cent can’t get 50 cents out of his ATM, because his personal bank account is now off limits.

It seems 50 didn’t pay a whopping $17.2 million judgment over a deal he made to market headphones for a company called Sleek Audio. Sleek claimed 50 stole its design and then tried marketing it on his own. The law sided with Sleek, and 50 got hit with the massive judgment.

Legal Lesson: If you don’t pay a judgment, the winner can garnish your wages and freeze your bank accounts.

A source connected to 50 tells TMZ the rapper has complete access to his business bank accounts … the only account affected by the judgment is his personal.

And it’s not like he’s broke. Forbes estimates 50’s worth at $140 million.

Like they said, unlike most rappers, 50 Cent’s bank account is struggleproof (for now). But we’re sure that the ruling still hurt nonetheless.