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Pusha T has all his bases covered when it comes to making waves in the artistic department. His new Kanye West-produced track “Lunch Money” was highly favored around these parts as his bars are always razor sharp. Additionally, his Play Cloths fashion line is enjoying their sixth year on the shelves and they have developed something special for Christmas shoppers this holiday season.

Titled Curse Your Luxury for its all-black, Ghost of Christmas Past-esque signature pieces, Pusha Ton took it upon himself to model the Play Cloths Holiday 2 Lookbook as he saw fit.

This year’s collection features a “Grandeur” set with all-black reworked quilted patterns; Romans print as seen on the “Milan Strap,” “CYL Sweatshirt” and “Milan Sweatshirt” set; the Ascension T-shirt” design with its flock of flying white doves overlapping the bone-chilling skull print; and the “Bar Down” baseball and “Night Goalie” futbol jerseys.

Scroll through the pages below to see the full extent of the Play Cloths Holiday 2 diverse selection of heavier silhouettes. If you plan on putting these under the tree, hit the Play Cloths Shop to cop before the post office becomes overworked.

Photo: Play Cloths/Tasha Bleu

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