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In a recent interview, André 3000 was frank about his feelings toward one of the biggest moments in music this year, OutKast’s reunion tour.

Stacks candidly admitted that he never wanted to do the reunion tour in the first place. “Honestly, just, you know—I didn’t wanna do the tour,” he told Nicolas Jaar for The Fader. “We hadn’t performed in 10 years. It was old songs. I’m like, ‘How am I gonna present these songs? I don’t have nothing new to say.'”

But that’s not all. Earlier in the exchange, he mentioned feeling like a “sell-out” afraid that fans would take the reunion as a ploy for mere profit.

“I felt weird about going out on stage and doing it again,” he said. “I felt like people would be like, ‘Y’all are doing all these festivals, y’all are just doing it for money.’ And I felt like a sell-out, honestly. So I was like, if I’m in on the joke, I’ll feel cool about it.”

So how was he to cope? By donning all those now-famous jumpsuits that draw our attention to its thought-provoking messages plastered in white print. It was his way of being in on the joke while simultaneously saying something new.

André’s jumpsuits are currently on display in Miami, in conjunction with the annual Art Basel event.

Photo: WENN