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Kevin Durant righted an atrocious wrong on Sunday (December 7). After hearing news of Anthony Cupp, a teen from Warren, Michigan who was recently jumped and robbed for his Nike KD 7, the Oklahoma Thunder replaced his shoes and then some just before his team faced the Detroit Pistons.

Durant became privy to Cupp’s story through the Pistons’ front office, who personally contacted him. In turn, he met with the boy prior to taking the floor with his team.

“He was real nervous,” Durant said to News OK. “Same thing I would have been if I met my favorite NBA player back then. I was just trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible.”

In addition to a replacement pair of kicks, Durant gifted Cupp with an autographed pair of sneakers to boot.

“We got such a big platform, man, and kids look up to us,” Durant said of the meeting. “To set a good example, we just have to show them that we’re human, too. They look at us as superheroes sometimes. So just to sit and talk to them, ask them how their day went, ask them where they’re from, make them feel like they are where they belong. We may seem untouchable, but we aren’t. That’s the biggest thing I wanted to show him. I’m a human just like you. I go through things just like you. Even though I play in the NBA, I’m here for you.”

A picture of Durrant connecting with Cupp below. Peep more pics after the jump.

Photo: newsok/espn

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