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Perhaps a bigger surprise than Lou Williams’ revelation that he’s currently in a thriving relationship with two women is the fact that anyone would be surprised that a young, millionaire, professional athlete possesses multiple lovers.

As it was made apparent from his social media pages, the Toronto Raptors star guard is ménaging with Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell on a regular basis. According to Baller Alert, Henderson is Williams’ baby mother, an entrepreneur and a hair stylist while Mitchell is shared by the two of them. They all live, vacation and (obviously) sleep together on a regular basis, with Williams affectionately calling them “Blonde” and “Brown” for their respective multi-colored hairstyles.

Although it was originally reported in October, fellow NBAer J.R. Smith was doing some Internet surfing instead of practicing to better his 5-21 Knicks and let loose the following tweet, causing Williams’ not-so-private life to become a trending topic.

Naturally the Alpha Male response to the Lou Williams living arrangement was overwhelmingly positive, but as for the ladies, well, let’s just say they clamored for a morality check.

Peep the hilarious contrast in opinions from Black Twitter in the gallery below.

Photo: Instagram/Lou Williams

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