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You don’t hear much about Chad Johnson a.k.a OchoCinco now that he plays professional football in the Canadian Football League for the Montreal Alouettes, but he’s still around, saving lives with the power of giving.

During a recent outing at undisclosed restaurant, the controversial wide receiver reportedly gave someone the courage to keep on fighting this thing we humans call “life.”

Via SB Nation:

The former Bengals receiver helped bring Christmas spirit to one woman who needed it most.

You may have heard about the sizable tip former Bengals receiver Chad Johnson left a lucky waitress over the weekend. The former Bengals great gave a $300 tip on a $351.92 bill, helping a woman on what he considered a “slow” Sunday. Johnson also added an “I Love You” message on the tip, too.

Apparently, his act of kindness did more than just give a lucky lady a nice tip for her troubles. Another woman who saw what Johnson did Instagram messaged him, saying that the tip and kind message prevented her from taking her own life and committing suicide.

The woman sent this message to Chad, which he posted on Twitter.

It’s a pretty amazing story, and the kind that’s always awesome to read, especially with the season of giving here. It’s also good to see Chad is living a happy life in his post-NFL career.

The inspirational message stemmed from Chad Johnson’s tip can be found below. Thumb through the pages below to see more words of wisdom from #85.

Photo: Instagram/Chad Johnson

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