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The mid-90s were a testy time to be rapper, especially if you hailed from either the East or West Coast. Whether the media created the beef between the two sides is still heavily debated, but both 2Pac and Biggie lost their lives in the thick of the drama so there was actually some tension there.

Kurupt was a prominent figure during the heated rivalry playing both mediator and instigator, namely with Tha Dogg Pound’s infamous 1995 non-diss, “New York, New York.” During a recent sitdown with VLADTV, the wrong (or right, depending on your perception) question was asked and the West Coast afficiado completely lost his scruples.

When DJ Vlad slyly asked Young Gotti about Kendrick Lamar’s borrowed “King of New York” line from his viral “Control” verse, that’s where the drama unfolded. which pays homage to Kurupt’s verse on the song “Get Bizy.” When asked by VLAD TV about it, the rapper went off.

“Since somebody from the West Coast will say their the King of f*cking New York, they automatically assume we’re disrespecting New York!” he fumed. “I’m sick of that sh*t! We don’t have a problem with you New York. Stop it my n***a! King of New York is a f*cking movie! Biggie called himself Frank f*cking White. Who is Frank White? He’s the f*cking King of New York! It’s a f*cking movie, man. We don’t want your city, your country, your town. We from Los Angeles, we from Compton, Watts, Inglewood. N****, we are the West Coast. Why the f*ck would we wanna be where you’re at n*gga? We don’t like your f*cking streets!!!”

Immediately following the rant, Kurupt inhaled the beast back in and proceeded on as normal. The line in question actually came from Kurupt’s verse on Kendrick’s “Get Bizy” shortly before the rise to superstardom.

Watch the hilarious interview in the YouTube player below.

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