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Aaron McNamara, a volunteer Ohio police officer, resigned from the force after some of his racist comments on social media went public. McNamara called for Blacks to be “exterminated” and was also bigoted towards other minorities and gay persons.

McNamara, 20, was an auxiliary officer with the Fairview Park Police Department. He worked in the support role as he was completing his college degree ahead of joining the force in a full-time role. McNamara’s online activity was investigated and made public, revealing a nasty string of slurs and threats against people of color.

“Abolishing slavery was the worst thing we could have done. These people should be exterminated.. Unbelievable,” were one of the many comments McNamara made over the past two years on YouTube videos. This particular comment came in February of this year.

ABC Newsnet 5 printed McNamara’s resignation letter on its website:

The comments I made in those particular videos were a product of my youth and immaturity; by no means am I a prejudice individual. I am an advocate for equality, and I am highly disappointed in myself for the statements I had previously made. I cannot recollect the most recent comment I was accused of making in February 2014, but I am not denying the claim.

As a volunteer officer, McNamara couldn’t make arrests or traffic stops. He mostly assisted with traffic control, service calls and locking up local parks. McNamara elected to resign after meeting with Fairview Park officials. A lietuenant from the department said that McNamara never displayed behavior of the sort while on the job.

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Photo: Fairview Park Police Department