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Just when we thought the year was over signed, sealed and delivered in regards to rap feuds, the entire world was thrown for a loop with a YG and DJ Mustard beef.

To the untrained eye, the two West Coast aficionados who collaborated on a top 10 album of the year were as thick as thieves, with bigger things on the horizon for the new year. As irony would allow it, it was the album My Krazy Life that has the two rapper/producer champion tag-team going at each other throats for money and royalties.

To backtrack, it all began when DJ Mustard was being grilled about a nasty rumor that he gave his baby mother the incurable clap: herpes. Unfazed, Mustard dodged that bullet by firing off some Instagram ammo of his own, alleging that YG still hasn’t paid him for his bang-up job on the aforementioned debut album. An infuriated YG responded back to Mustard on Instagram demanding that he pick up his phone. Mustard had no problem responding back in the comments and even set a meet up spot so they could squab it out.

If this a grand gesture of trolling, we haven’t seen the ta-da! moment and neither has various members of the Hip-Hop community.

Peep their astonished reactions to this strange and engaging YG and DJ Mustard beef in the gallery down below.

Photos: Instagram/YG

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