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A Georgia woman is recovering from a gunshot to the face after she was robbed and subsequently shot by a man she met through the online dating site

Police are not identifying the woman, whose soon-to-be nightmarish rendezvous took place on Christmas Eve. She agreed to meet a man who introduced himself as “Cash” at an Atlanta Days Inn.

They would later go to a Waffle House for dinner, where the man complained that their meal was too expensive and quickly decided to return to the hotel. But that’s when the outing took a turn for the worse; during their return, 11Alive reports that “Cash” ordered the woman to stop the car and give up her purse.

In taking her belongings and vehicle, the man shot the woman in the face as she exited the car. She’s expected to survive.

Police suspect that “Cash,” who goes by “King Luccianno” on Badoo, weaved a web of lies to draw in his victim, including a faux backstory in which he’s a Tennessee native.

“When you go to these social media websites for dating you have to be careful of the people you meet because most of the time the profile they put on there is not really them,”Major E.W. Strozier of the College Park Police Department told 11Alive.

“If you’re going to meet them, do it in a very public place and don’t go anywhere with them until you feel comfortable.”

Photo: 11Alive