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Whole Foods employees in Manhattan’s Union Square were caught on videotape beating an unidentified man outside the store. Although the quality of the video isn’t clear as possible, the store has suspended the workers over the altercation.

In the five-minute video first posted to Live Leak, what can be seen in the Dec. 30 clip is a pair of Whole Foods workers crowding a man that seems to be irate for a reason. The workers and what appears to be security guards walk over to the man and try to remove him from the store which the website Grub Street says was closed at the time. At one point, a person is heard saying “You want to be a f-cking tough guy? Get the f-ck out of here.”

The man is then grabbed and shoved by one of the workers as you can hear him say “I’m a veteran. Don’t do that,” and lifts himself off a sidewalk and tries to enter the store again. The workers then launch an even more brutal assault that might prove difficult to watch for some.

The store has issued a statement regarding the fight:

Whole Foods Market is aware of the incident that took place in front of our Union Square store after hours on December 30th. The team members identified so far in the video have been placed on administrative leave while we complete our internal investigation. We take all incidents involving team members, customers and members of our community seriously and consider safety and security a top priority.

A representative for Whole Foods spoke with Grub Street about the incident, saying it has placed the known employees that were involved on what they referred to as administrative leave.

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Photo: YouTube