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“You will pay me my 10 percent tip, or I will not let you go,” according to the police report.

While many people that work in positions where tips are expected, it doesn’t make them mandatory, but a taxi driver thought different after kidnapping his passenger for not giving him a little extra for his services.

The driver was charged with extortion, false imprisonment and simple assault after his actions, along with having his cabbie license revoked.

Sohail Kahn, 57, taking a woman in New Orleans from her hotel to the airport, insisted on placing a $10 tip for the ride, but without her at first offering to actually tip.

Upon making the statement, the woman refused to allow the extra charge on her credit card and Kahn proceeded to hold her hostage until she gave him 10%, while waving his fist in her face.

Looking to make a point, the driver cut off the engine and locked the doors as the two engaged in an argument that lasted around half-an-hour until she dialed 911.

When authorities arrived, Khan was caught in a lie once he stated that he was simply trying to just cover the transaction fee for processing her card.

Good old public transportation there.  I’ll stick to good old bike or walking method.  Better yet, just ask a friend.