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With several streets anthems and moments of sheer hilarity under their belts there is no denying that The Diplomats are certainly entertaining.  As far as being articulate not so much.

Remember when Cam’ron fell out with his crew? It led to various back and forth jabs being thrown between both sides. It got so bad Jim Jones and Juelz even made guest appearances at G-Unit concerts. We can only assume Damon Dash was too busy ducking bill collectors at the time to play peacekeeper.

Nevertheless their “beef” led to an awesome misuse of the English language. While responding to Killa’s allegations of sizzurp addiction, Santana gave this classic MTV interview where he said “at the end of the day” ten times and introduced us to the word “businessly.”

So without further ado we present this piece of Hip-Hop history that will forever have us shaking our heads. And yes that is a matching pink headband wristband combo. #Harlem.

Photo: Youtube