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The jig is up for A.P.C., the fashion brand started by Jean Touitou aka Kanye West’s homeboy. Touitou has come under fire for the presentation of his Fall/Winter 2015 collection in Paris, which included a “Last Ni##@$ IN PARIS” portion. 

Touitou defended his obnoxiousness, and racism, by basically saying that he’s buddies with Yeezy, so it’s cool.

However, it seems that Timberland wasn’t buying the struggle Touitou was peddling, and has deaded its ties with A.P.C.

“We have chosen to immediately terminate our involvement with the A.P.C. brand,” Timberland president Stewart Whitney told Complex via a press statement. “Simply stated, this kind of language and approach is in complete contrast with our values. Timberland seeks to collaborate with designers and brands who are at the forefront of lifestyle trends; equally important, they must also share our values. We will not tolerate offensive language or racial slurs of any kind being associated with the Timberland brand.”

May y’all all rock your Timberlands knowing the execs aren’t calling you N-words publicly.

Photo: Instagram