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If you feel like you’ve been bombarded with more than enough coverage of the Seattle Seahawks inexplicable decision to throw the ball in the red zone during the waning moments of Super Bowl XLIX, then just watching sports altogether. The call, a risqué one in any circumstance, has a heightened scrutiny for the sole fact that Marshawn Lynch–the league’s perceived top running back–was a hop, skip and a jump from sending the Vince Lombardi Trophy back to the Northwest.

“Really what happened…it’s really clear we went to three receivers and they sent in [their] goal line people,” a frazzled Pete Carroll tried to explain. “We really didn’t want to run against their goal line people there. “It’s a miraculous play the kid [New England Patriots rookie Malcolm Butler] makes to get in front of that route and I told those guys, ‘That’s my fault totally.’ But we had plenty of time to win the game. In our minds, we were going to win it on third or fourth down.”

In other words, he paid the price for trying to be cute.

Thoughts around the league didn’t buy into Carroll’s down-to-the-wire play calling struggle and these instantaneous NFL player reactions tell the tale.

The ‘Hawks will have a lifetime to digest this jagged little pill they ingested.

Photo: NBC

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