By chance, rappers Soulja Boy and Gillie The Kid, amid a beef that began late 2014, are vacationing in Dubai at the same damn time. And thanks to social media, the two are highly aware of the fact.

Philly native Gillie struck first, tweeting the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, “I came past day Armani hotel lookin 4 ur b*tch a$$ I’m on my way back over Dere p*ssy boi.”

He would go on a tirade, boasting his bravado in a string of tweets before Soulja interjected with some slick talk of his own.

“u p*ssy I’m downstairs in the lobby waiting for u where u at f*ck ni**a,” the southern rapper tweeted along with a picture of him outside of his hotel.

The rappers would go back and forth via Twitter, with each side respectively calling for the other to meet face-to-face and throw hands. Soulja claims to have spotted and later slapped Gillie.

Gillie, of course, is calling bullsh*t, and posted a video of him speaking on Instagram. Also, Soulja pulled out of a proposed celeb boxing match with Gillie back in September, a much safer option than a street fight.

Hit the jump to see the tweets.

Photo: Instagram

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