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If Bruce Jenner thought his life was about to media circus now that he’s transforming into a woman, he may want to double down on red now that he’s been involved in fatal car crash that left one woman dead and seven people injured.

While there are varying reports on the matter, the latest from HollywoodLife reads that Jenner told authorities that has trying allude pesky paparazzi when his Cadillac Escalade rear ended 69-year-old Kim Howe’s Lexus, which put her in the deadly path of a swerving Hummer. Five children and two adults were reportedly hospitalized. Police are requesting Jenner’s phone to see if he was texting moments before the accident.

While the incident is still under investigation, the pundits of Twitter have their mind made up and they had some rather nasty things to say about the “transitioning” former Olympic star.

Take a look at the slander the Bruce Jenner car accident earned the reality TV star.

Photo: WENN

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