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Over a year ago, Rick Ross brought a lawsuit against former dance music duo LMFAO over what his side said was a lift of a line from his 2010 smash hit, “Hustlin’.” As the case has progressed to settlement talks, the Ross camp says LMFAO’s Redfoo is holding up talks by representing the group in the case.

The complicated legal matter took place at the top of 2014 when Rozay filed suit against the group for its use of the “Everyday I’m Shuffling” phrase from LMFAO’s global smash, “Party Rock Anthem.” Ross concluded that the group borrowed from the “Hustlin’ hook too heavily, thus prompting the tussle. However, The Hollywood Reporter has discovered there’s a wrinkle in the case that might hold up things.

More from The Hollywood Reporter:

On Feb. 6, Ross survived the first round in the lawsuit when a judge refused to dismiss the claims. Don’t read too much into U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams’ opinion though, because she only decided that issues such as whether “Every day I’m hustlin’ ” is a common, short phrase lacking originality and undeserving of copyright protection are better addressed at a later stage in the lawsuit. Nothing groundbreaking in the ruling.

The parties — which include co-defendants Kobalt Music Publishing, ad agency David & Goliath and automaker Kia Motors America — are now gearing up for a mediation session later this month to see if everyone can come to some sort of settlement.

Redfoo was evidently serious about his intention to work things out between him and Ross because on Tuesday, the defendants submitted a motion that stated in part, “Stefan Gordy will take the lead in the mediation, and the other Defendants will be looking to him to either resolve the matter or to continue to litigate.”

Ross’ lawyer, Karen Stetson, submitted a statement objecting to Stefan” Redfoo” Gordy representing the lone interests of the group. To complicate matters, Stetson says that Skyler “Sky Blu” Gordy should be present for the mediation talks although the group hasn’t been together since 2013.

Stetson even asserts in her statement that Redfoo’s insistence on handling all of LMFAO’s affairs led to the group’s breakup.

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