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Eminem has released his new album “Recovery.” See where this one ranks among his classics.

The road to Eminem’s newest album “Recovery” has definitely been a highly anticipated and long awaited one.  I mean, the man had to put out a bonus track CD after “Relapse” with extra songs just to satisfy fans as they eagerly waited for his 7th studio album.  So does the album live up to the hype?

One of the first things you may notice overall about this album is that Marshall isn’t playing any games.  Sure we get the funny punch lines and smart a** remarks from Slim once in awhile, but unlike his other albums, Shady is going for a no-filler killer and has 16 straight tracks with no sort of skits.

As we listen to early tracks such as “On Fire” and “Won’t Back Down,” we see Em goes on the offensive early and is looking to set a foundation with straight raw punch lines! Although the hooks can be somewhat annoying from a singy Eminem, we get a good break when Em brings Pink into the mix for “Wont Back Down.”  In this track, Shady shows he is coming hard while showing his cleverness by literally turning down the track and spitting lines like:

“Trying to turn me down while I’m talking to you? Turn me back up, are you insane? Trying to talk over me in the car, shut the Fawk up while my Shyte’s playing!”

However, as we continue the album, we do get another side of Eminem that balances out the album. During a Recovery phase, one must look at his past and regret some things.   Songs like “Talking to Myself” and “Spacebound,” show the emotional side of Em as he spits about being at his lowest.  We also get the pure genius of “25 To Life” where Em pulls the classic girl/Hip-Hop metaphor that we’ve seen so many artists do, and see that Em balances a good mixture of raw punchlines with emotional words,that shows the maturity of the rapper.

“Don’t I give you enough of my time? You don’t think so do you? Jealous when I spend some time with the girls, why I’m married to you? Man I don’t know, but tonight I’m serving you with papers. I’m divorcing you, go marry someone else and make them famous.”

Eminem – “25 To Life”

The album continues with heaters like the Dr. Dre produced “So Bad,” and although it doesn’t showcase many other artist besides Em, features like Rihanna and Lil Wayne mix a good blend of talent that will easily give Em two singles off the album.

Overall the album is a banger, though most of the hooks are slightly corny and Em’s singing does get tedious, Em has proven to us that lyrically he cannot be messed with and is showing the young punch line spitters like Drake, how it’s done.

With a few Michael J. Fox jokes and some lines thrown at pop stars, Em has shown us that he has matured without leaving his roots, something that we have been waiting for in an album for a long time.

It’s been a long road, but I do think Eminem has “Recovered.”