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Method Man sent shockwaves through the Wu-Tang Clan temple yesterday when he coldly flipped the middle finger towards the group’s long ballyhooed album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. XXL magazine informed the veteran MC that the RZA was planning to release the album in 2103–88 years from now–in concurrence to widespread reports.

While The Abbott let those initial reports go, he took a great exception to Mr. Meth saying “f*ck that album,” and made a very rare Twitter public service announcement.

“I normally wouldn’t respond,” RZA told a follower. “But how much could I possibly make that would compensate The work. We can’t buy back time.” Then he directed his thoughts to XXL and his Wu-Tang brethren saying, “Let us clarify for you. A 88 year “non commercialization”clause. Means corporations can’t buy it & mass produce it for sell.”

“Y’all misinformed homies better go roll that sHhh light that Shhh and smoke that shhh and calm down. Y’all falling for the pork in the bun.”

The lone copy of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin has generated enough press to get its own biographical novel. It was recently seized at JFK International airport and ran through TSA’s “rarely used highest-strength scanner.” It’s also being sold for a reported seven-figure bid.

Hit the gallery below to see RZA’s full defense of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

Photo: Hollywood Life

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