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As every Hip-Hop fan knows, the present calendar day is one that lives on in infamy. It was 18 years ago to the day the Christopher Wallace, famously known by his rap moniker, The Notorious B.I.G., was gunned down in Los Angeles in a murder that still remains unsolved. Although the yearly tributes could grow cumbersome and and become an invitation for the pain to creep back in, Puff Daddy and/or Diddy has never stopped to championing his close friend’s name for all to remember.

By using the power a hashtag created by him could bring, he issued out the ##MissingYouChallenge for all aspiring singers to cover the Grammy Award-winning hit, “I’ll Be Missing You.” He also posted this heartfelt message along with one of Biggie’s baby photos.

Today is March 9, 2015. 18 years ago today we lost one of my best friends in the greatest rapper of all time the notorious B I G #RIPBIG post your favorite BIG picture. And how you feel about him.

Check out all the best and most soulful #MissingYouChallenge entries in the gallery including this instant winner down below.

Photo: Bad Boy Records

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