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A 16-year-old teen in London was sentenced to 14 years behind bars after authorities say he fatally stabbed a former friend over a Facebook dispute.

Police say the 16-year-old, who remains unidentified because he’s a minor, got into a “fight” on Facebook with 18-year-old Salum Kombo.

The two boys reportedly had a “war of words” that reached a fever point when Kombo called the boy a “pu**y.”

Prosecutors say the boy stewed in his anger for several days before arranging to meet with the older boy on December 20 to settle their differences.

When the pair met up at a local restaurant they went on a walk to talk about their issues but the boy surprised Kombo by taking out a knife and stabbing him in the chest.

When the victim fell to the ground before bleeding to death, the boy was reportedly heard yelling,

“Nobody calls me a pu**y, I don’t care if I go to jail!”

He was sentenced Monday to a minimum of 14 years behind bars before being eligible for parole.

Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith condemned the boy during his sentencing saying,

“You killed him because he called you a pu**y….You were angry and humiliated and you wanted to fight him and he was quite prepared to fight you….But you knew in a fair fight you would lose. This was not a decision you took on the spur of the moment. You thought about it for two or three days. You wound yourself up into a cold fury…Your friends tried to stop you but you would not listen.”

Family of Salum Kombo was in the courtroom Monday and rejoiced at the 16-year-old’s sentencing.