Vuyo Mvoko, a well-known South African reporter for national outlet SABC, was up past dusk, conducting business in as usual when he found himself in the unfortunates= situation of being mugged before the start of his broadcast.

Mvoko was posted outside of Milpark hospital covering President Lungu visit there, when three men either oblivious or fearless of the rolling cameras approached him and began to shake him down.

After one of the muggers threatened him with a gun, Mvoko parted ways with his cell phone. They also reportedly made off with laptops, according to the police investigation.

“I couldn’t understand why they’d walk right in front of the camera because the light is on and they could see that – and our car is branded, so they could see that this is a live broadcast,” Mvoko told BBC News.

“Hopefully someone will be able to identify them and get them arrested.”

The incident has left a national spotlight on South Africa after the video went viral and for good reason. A respected South African rapper was just murdered by his girlfriend earlier this week.

Check out the wild mugging video below as well as Mvoko’s subsequent interview.

Photo: SABC Digital News

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