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Whether you spend your days arguing for Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari (and as of late, Firefox again) Internet Explorer is never in the conversation. That is, unless you’re still using dial-up Internet, which makes you a AARP member.

Microsoft is apparently cutting their loses and remembering the good times as they roll out future plans for life without Internet Explorer.

Reports Quartz:

The end is finally in sight for Microsoft’s long-fraught Internet Explorer. At the Microsoft Convergence conference Monday in Atlanta, Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s head of marketing, said the new flagship browser for Windows, which was announced in January and is codenamed Project Spartan, will not be associated with the Internet Explorer brand.

While Internet Explorer will still exist on Windows 10 for compatibility purposes, it will take a back seat to the new browser.

Microsoft has been working for years to salvage the Internet Explorer brand, which languished in the public eye thanks to releases like Internet Explorer 6, widely regarded as one of the worst tech products of all time. Releases over the last few years have fixed the product, but Microsoft has been unable to fix the browser’s reputation, despite a solid ad campaign.

Somewhere in World Wide Web heaven, Angelfire has a bottle of champagne waiting to pop with Internet Explorer. It was a good run.

Photo: Microsoft