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Hip-Hop Wired spoke exclusively with Los Angeles-born, Atlanta-bred rapper Bleu Davinci about his latest mixtape, Angels & Demons, and upcoming endeavors.

While discussing the latter, Davinci, an affiliate of infamous Atlanta crime family BMF (with three years of prison time to show for it) revealed his plans to bring the crew’s story to the small screen. This, of course, followed a light mention of a film green-lit by Big Meech.

“Meech signed his life rights over to a mutual acquaintance of all of us,” said Davinci, noting that the film is being made for $20M. The powers that be have already gotten the ball rolling for the flick’s production, according to the rapper; though he didn’t specify if alleged producer 50 Cent is involved.

Davinci went on to say that there will be multiple interpretations of BMF’s story. “We all have our stories. It’s gonna be just one BMF movie. I’m pretty sure [Meech’s] brother [Terry Flenory] will have one from his point of view.”

If all goes as planned, Davinci wants to create a TV series. “I want to do something like The Wire, and show people, for real, this is what happens, and to certain extents, this is what happened.”

At the time of the interview, Internet series Money & Violence was gaining steam, which Davinci was very aware of. “I’m gonna sit down with them now, bro,” he said before continuing “all they need to do is get it shot professionally.”

As we await the aforementioned BMF stories to materialize, expect more music from Davinci and his artists via his label Check Runners Entertainment.

Photo: YouTube