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Facing felony charges of child endangerment, a couple has been accused of trying to sell an infant, according to police.

Patrick Fousek, 38, and girlfriend Samantha Tomasini, 20, were arrested last Tuesday after it was reported by two women that they were approached by the father who offered his 9-month-old daughter for $25 outside of the Westridge Wal-Mart located in Salina, CA.

Unaware if it was simply a prank or a joke, the women notified the authorities and left a description of the man’s car, which police were able to trace and capture the two at Fousek’s home.

Upon entry, police discovered the child along with the parents, who were reportedly high on methamphetamine.

On Thursday, a man claiming to be Fousek’s brother stated that it was him, not his brother, that tried to sell the child for $50 and the fact that it was only meant to be a joke.

So, was it like some sort of sale where people could get “half on a baby”?

“The girls knew I was kidding. Who’s going to say you want to buy a baby for $50 to strangers at a Walmart? That’s preposterous,” he told Action News reporter Felix Cortez.

The infant is now in the hands of protective custody while the couple remain at the Monterey County Jail on suspicion of child endangerment, an attempt at child abandonment and being induced with methamphetamine.