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Admit it. Hip-Hop has become a little too buddy-buddy as of late. A lot of smiles, pointless collaborations and the like are constantly being flung our way. It’s a middling concept a chunk of the rap community is operating under, but Anik Khan is crossing the competition out with a “k” without the gangbanging sensibilities for his new track, “Khanversations.”

The Bangladesh-born, Queens-bred MC (term not used sparingly) possesses a disastrous flow that should easily have him inserted into the playlist of any fan craving raw rap. By kicking off “Khanversations” with “First off, f*ck everybody,” with a deliberate pause, it’s obvious Khan isn’t into making new friends unless you’re on his skill level when it comes to destroying a mic.

Nowadays, new artists automatically come into the game “rich and successful” where that earlier period reserved for the struggle (and hungriness that comes with it) could be perfect for building an audience. Anik Khan doesn’t eschew the opportunity to align himself with you and it’s evident he’s a studious disciple of the truest form of the culture.

Listen to his “Khanversations” in the Soundcloud player below and check out which feature links to all his social media handles.

Photo: Instagram/Anik Khan