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Yesterday’s bombshell revelation that Aaron Hernandez would be spending the rest of his natural life in prison was met with a reaction by nearly every personality imaginable.

The former New England Patriot’s fellow footballers were “shocked and stunned” over the guilty verdict for first-degree murder while several members of the Hip-Hop community expressed sympathy of a life of shine turned to eternal darkness. As for sports fans and Internet pundits, they spent their free time creating Aaron Hernandez memes to make a mockery of his predicament.

Granted, if justice was served, the 25-year-old convicted murderer deserves his newfound shaming but lest not forget that nobody won over this ordeal. Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, also 25-years-old, is the sister of Odin Lloyd’s girlfriend, Shaneah Jenkins. The tangled web of lies, deceit and malice may be perfect for a nighttime ABC drama but in this case, such is real life that has destroyed the lives of real people.

Of course, this means nothing to the people who weren’t affected. Scroll through the pages below to see the Aaron Hernandez memes that got cooked up following the verdict. Starting with that video game gem down below.


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