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With the potential restriction of menthol, cigarette maker Lorillard Inc. is now protesting in defense of its Newport Brand, which it holds 35 percent share  of the U.S. market.

Launching a campaign, in the form of a Web site called Understanding Menthol, the company provides its position on the possible ban, along with the science that is under review by a federal advisory committee, and the consequences of a potential ban on menthol cigarettes.

Studies, going against menthol, have cited that its usage only entices people to start smoking, which can result in health issues.

“We believe our customers need to be aware of this review process and the real-world consequences of whatever recommendation the panel makes to the FDA,” William True, senior vice president of research and development for Lorillard, said in a written statement to The Associated Press.

The company has also started issuing letters to smokers of the Newport brand to notify them of claims made by a U.S, Food and Drug Administration that cigarettes containing menthol have public health impacts.  Lorillard Inc., also plans to utilize social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to keep in contact with users on the impending problem.

Adding menthol has served as a major factor in the growth of tobacco companies as the market continues to shrink.

According to Lorillard, they are under the belief that scientific evidence isn’t sufficient enough in showing that menthol cigarettes have greater health risks than cigarettes that don’t utilize the substance.  They also believe that the ban will force users to find it from other means, such as the black market, which won’t meet basic product standards and create more potential harm for smokers.