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“Why are we in this FIFA tournament? Take a big guess, because Barack Osama Homo Bin Landen wants to bring Socialism to America. He wants the entire nation not to be able to use their hands.”

In this week’s clip of idiotic things that shouldn’t have made the internet, we have Billy Bob Neck teach us why soccer is a satanic sport and how Obama’s true plan of Socialism is used during the popular event.

“You aren’t allowed to use your hands in Soccer, they should just cut your arms off to be the best player, and that’s what Obama wants, us to not have arms so we can’t hold guns and protect ourselves.”

Click the Jump to see the stupid yet hilarious video of Billy Bob explaining the whole plan.

Most importantly Billy Bob makes sure to let us all know that if we associate ourselves with soccer in the least bit, then we are going to hell.

Aren’t we all glad that Reggie Ray’s Double Wide Community College has offered computer classes so we can get valuable information like this?