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The Game is currently the defendant in an assault and battery case where he allegedly beat an off-duty cop to the point to brain damage.

Most celebrities in such a predicament would normally bite their tongue and tread lightly but Jayceon Taylor is known to uphold the media perception of Compton, CA at all times.

This was reflected in full during a recent performance in New Orleans when Game interjected himself into the Lil Wayne/Young Thug tension and chose to side with his longtime Blood brother.

“My n****a Tune [Wayne] ain’t never been Hollywood, he just been Hollygrove n****a; you know what the f**k it is n****a,” he bellowed to the crowd, sounding mighty Shakurish. “Westside in this motherf****r! Anybody f***king with you got a f***king problem with me! I will f**k Young Thug up on Piru n****a! Westside n****a!”

After getting the crowd’s attention, he didn’t spurn the opportunity to remind every one of arguably the most lopsided fight victory in Hip-Hop history.

“I dare a p****y n****a walk through California and say ‘f**k Wayne,” he continued. “I’ma do a n****a like I did 40 Glocc. And if a n****a want a problem, that n****a gonna get his ass smoked.”

And there you have it. Check out the videos below on the next page so you know we didn’t make this shit up.

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