Let’s start this off by saying, this woman needs help. Chris Brown‘s naked intruder has been identified as Amira Kodcia Ayeb. Reportedly she is college student who claims to be married to Brown. 

Reports TMZ:

Amira Kodcia Ayeb posted a message online 4 days ago, in which she says she’s in Malibu “searching for her home.” The 21-year-old from Tunisia also says her last name is Brown. It’s apparent she thinks Chris is her husband, which is why she spray painted “Mrs. Brown” on his cars and in his house.

A friend of Ayeb’s tells us Ayeb — who is an aspiring singer — attends the University of Houston, and she hopped on a bus last week and said she was going to see Chris.

TMZ broke the story … Ayeb was arrested Wednesday night for breaking into Brown’s home and vandalizing two of his cars. Chris found her naked in his bed, and it appears she was there for 2 days.

She is currently being held on $50,000 bail.

So far, Ayeb doesn’t seem to have an Instagram or Twitter account. However, she does have a YouTube account the features a number of the self-proclaimed singer’s videos.

Besides having exceptional burglary skills, she claims she is from Tunisia and was in Malibu “searching for her home.”

Let us preface these clips by pointing out that her singing is struggle purified. No shots.

Someone get this woman a therapist, or a Bible. Actually, both. Peep more vids on the flip.

Photo: YouTube

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