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If you’re a pro football fan, the news of Tom Brady being suspended over the headline sucking #Deflategate affects you one way or another. It should go without saying that applies double for all the players around the league.

The NFL handed down punishment on Monday to the living legend quarterback and the New England Patriots after conclusive evidence prove that they intentionally deflated footballs ahead of the 2015 AFC Championship Game (and who knows when else) to give Brady the advantage in grip and throwing.

The team was also fined $1 million and had a first-round pick in 2016 and a fourth-round pick in 2017 snatched from their soul.

Of course, the unofficial players union on Twitter convened like they’re known to do. Some made jokes, some agreed while others questioned the validity of the claims and repercussion.

It was a given that Brady’s teammates stuck by his side and perhaps there wasn’t a more passionate response than that of Lagarrette Blount’s, who managed to awaken Pats fans all across the nation. Take a look at the rest of the NFL players react to Tom Brady suspension in the gallery below.

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