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Danay Johnson made national headlines last year when she physically challenged a 8-Ball jacket-wearing passenger on a NYC F train and was manhandled for her trouble.

The eventual aggressor, Jorge Pena, was cleared off all wrongdoing despite getting in a slap in that can be seen in 3-D. Johnson on the other hand, will have to tip-toe through the life for the next year if she wants to erase the felony for assault off her record.

Reports NYDailyNews:

Danay Howard, 21, copped to two counts of assault, including a felony, but will see her charges reduced if she completes a year of therapy and does three days of community service for the November assault.

Howard was seen on a cellphone video that went viral berating 6-foot-6 Jorge Pena, calling him a “bum ass n—–” and making fun of his dated 8-ball jacket during the 4:20 a.m. dustup on an F train.

She clocked Pena, 25, in the head with her sharp heel as her pals cheered her on.

Fed up, Pena turned around and slapped her hard, causing Howard to tumble back — a blow that is also clearly seen on the footage.

Just to ensure prosecutors made the right call, let’s all revisit the video on the next page, shall we?

Photo: YouTube

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