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All it took was one line of rhyme for A$AP Rocky to get his new album, At.Long.Last.A$AP, into viral conversation. In case you missed it, the Harlemnite had a less-than flattering (scratch that; downright disgusting) revelation about at Ms. Rita Ora on a highlighted record.

On the song “Better Things,” he coldly rapped: “I swear that b*tch Rita Ora got a big mouth/Next time I see her might curse the b*tch out/Kicked the b*tch out once cause she b*tched out/Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the b*tch bounce.”

While checking with Hot 97’s Nessa, a somewhat remorseful Prince Rakim admitted that it was “an old song” and he should have “muted that part” but he did offer up some reasoning as to why he actually put it on wax in the first place.

“I was in a relationship when I did that and she got me in a lot of trouble,” he admits. “I’m not the first rap guy she’s been with and she’s not the first pop star I’ve been with. She’s not the only pop star getting jizzed on…I was in a relationship when that happened, and she got me in a lot of trouble! When you mess with me…Don’t kiss & tell! And I won’t. Just zip it next time.”

He also stated he has never been with Rihanna.

For what it’s worth to all you Rita Ora fans out there, he also admitted that he was “kind of sorry”…that people keep talking about the lyric. You live and your learn.

Watch the interview in the video below.

Photo: Hot 97