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Snoop Dogg is surely reinventing the phrase “living large” as the rapper wants to rent an entire country for a video shoot.

With his eyes set on the nation of Liechtenstein, having the size comparable to Staten Island, the deal placed on the table was skewed due to time constraints.

According to the NYPost, however, the pure idea of such a thing was too hilarious to be taken seriously by the nation’s government.

“There is no ‘For Rent’ sign on our country,” ambassador Claudia Fritsche said. “No part of any government agency is involved in this.”

Karl Schwaerzler, a property manager of Liechtenstein, insisted that the rapper wanted to rent all 61 square miles of the nation for a video shoot.

“We’ve had requests for places and villages but never one to hire the whole country before,” he said. “It would have been possible, but Snoop Dogg’s management did not give us enough time.”

Schwaerzler’s particular business specializes in “brokering deals between European villages and corporations to stage large-scale events where companies ceremonially rent the entire community”.

Liechtenstein’s ambassador to the United States merely seemed to get a kick out of the notion as their was more laughter than hostility once alerted.

There have been no comments issued from the camp of Snoop in regards to the property “for rent”.