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The white woman who allegedly started the McKinney pool party fight in Texas was identified via a Twitter campaign and later suspended from her job. Tracey Carver-Allbritton was one of two women seen in images fighting a young Black girl who attended the party.

The Daily Kos reported on Tracey Carver-Allbritton’s suspension and her involvement in the McKinney incident. The fight between Carver-Allbritton, another woman, and the girl was said to be what sparked Sean Toon and others to call the police to the scene. In the clip, it appears that Carver-Allbritton was trying to stop the fight but began raining down blows on the girl’s head. Activists banded together, including Dallas Communities Organizing For Change, and tracked down Carver-Allbritton online.

More from the Daily Kos:

That video led activists on Twitter to ask who were the two women and why hadn’t they been arrested, or at least questioned for their role in the fight. At this point they seemed to have slipped under the radar. It didn’t take long for that video to be matched up with a Facebook profile linking Ms. Allbritton directly to the incident, and to her apparent employer listed on the account, Bank of America.

The tweet sent by Dallas Communities Organizing for Change, an organization who fights for racial justice and police reform, spread like wild fire and eventually forced the banking behemoth Bank of America to conduct an investigation of its own to determine whether or not Ms. Allbritton actually did work for her. Contrary to what is listed on her Facebook profile, Bank of America released a statement online confirming that in fact she didn’t work for them, but that she did work for one of their vendors.

Carver-Allbritton worked for a finance and data collection company called CoreLogic, which issued a statement via the Dallas Morning News condemning the woman’s role in the fight. This comes on the heels of McKinny police officer Eric Casebolt resigning from his post.

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