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So much for Courtney Barnes’ fifteen-minutes of fame.

The would-be Internet star who got national coverage on Wednesday for an outlandishly flamboyant news interview, is being accused of being a thief, swindler and attention whore.

Reports The Clarion-Ledger:

Courtney Barnes, the star of this week’s WLBT viral video, has turned himself into Ridgleland and Jackson police

Ridgeland Police’s John Neal said Barnes turned himself in on two contempt of court charges relating to $1,688 of 3 unpaid traffic tickets around 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, accompanied by his mother.

After it was determined he could not settle his outstanding charges this afternoon, Ridgeland police contacted Jackson Police who said Barnes was wanted on a misdemeanor shoplifting charge.

Neal said Barnes was released on his own recognizance with his mother and sent to JPD to handle the shoplifting charge. Barnes is due for a hearing in Ridgeland court June 23 at 8 a.m.

Television crews interviewed Barnes on the scene of an accident after a police chase involving a Jackson Police car Monday. His quotes of “he twist around like a tornado, girl” and “on my way to get a piece of burger” gained national attention Wednesday.

Swell-O-Phonic owner Ron Chane said Barnes was wanted for shoplifting.

“It’s all an act to get attention,” Chane wrote in a Facebook comment to WLBT. “He has no regard for anyone but himself…You’ve got somebody hurt in a car wreck and this loser is trying to catch his 15 seconds – enjoy it buddy – you’ll be locked up soon.”

When WAPT showed Barnes the alleged shoplifting photo, he pleaded the Fifth Amendment and stated he didn’t know who was in the picture. They were also the lone media outlet who didn’t air the Courtney Barnes interview because they felt it seemed suspect as hell.

Flip through the gallery below to see flicks of Barnes in the hat he was accused of stealing. Bruh!

Photos: Facebook, Instagram, Ridgeland Police Department, WAPT News

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