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The name Slum Village has gone on to become a genericized trademark for a Hip-Hop sound that fits the definition for many fans.

That’s not a bad thing, by the way.

The group has had its fair share of lineup changes like the current Cleveland Cavaliers and for their eighth studio album, the energetically titled Yes!, it’s T3 and RJ holding down with a plethora of fitting guest appearances. Phife Dawg checks in on the revamped “Push It Along” where as Jon Connor proves his career isn’t terminated on the impressive “Tear It Down,” among other great features.

The crew can also hold it down for dolo as heard on arguably the best track in “Where We Come From.” And it’s the spirit of the founding member J Dilla producing eight of the LP’s twelve tracks that makes this release one of the best projects SV has ever done. Even before it’s officially released.

A Slum Village new album is always worth a listen. Stream Yes! below and pre-order it on iTunes ahead of the June 16 release date. Click here for tour dates as well.

Photo: Facebook/Slum Village