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At the current state of America, Black people have zero tolerance for any sort of perceived racism crossing their paths. A historic Black church was just shot up (during a prayer service of all times), a white woman famous for pretending to be Black for civil rights is becoming a viral sensation right underneath or unsuspecting noses and police officers are still using sledgehammers to solve ant-sized problems. So when Twitter user Hyley DiBona began to spew off ignorance via her Twitter account, she got the 1000 times the attention than her 2,988 followers generally attracts.

As the nation mourned over the nine lives lost inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, allegedly at the hands of 21-year-old Dylann Roof, DiBona showed just how her privilenge blinded her to the realities of the world.

“Don’t complain about being a minority and say whites are a problem when your ancestors chose to come here knowing they would be a minority,” she exclaimed in the start of unprovoked tweets. “Half of minorities might as well have ‘you should feel bad for being white’ tattooed on their foreheads. IF YOU ARE A MINORITY AND DONT LIKE IT, GO BACK THATS WHAT FREEDOM IS.”

After she noticed she had garnered an audience, she tweeted the n-word, relishing in the type of a behavior a culture vulture is known to do. When angered Twitter users pointed out the fact that her views could be aligned with her employer, DiBona taunted them, revealing that she worked for Regal Cinemas and even took pictures of minority movie goers urging them to “go home.”

That was all that was needed to fan the flames and DDotOmen spearheaded a movement that garnered the attention of the country’s largest chain of theaters.

Swiftly and fiercely, she was fired.

Flip through the gallery below to peep the entire timeline including the Regal Cinemas statement of termination.

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