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Mumia Abu Jamal supporters to pressure Obama and Holder.

After spending over 28 years on Pennsylvania’s death-row – most of them in solitary confinement – and exhausting many of his appeals, the hour-glass continues to slowly slip away on the man known as ‘The Voice For The Voiceless’.

Mumia Abu Jamal supporters are being asked to mobilize this Sunday @10AM til 2PM, on Market St, (bet. 5th & 6th Sts.) in the City of Brotherly Love; to demand that a Civil Rights Investigation be opened regarding his case.

According to the Philadelphia police, Jamal allegedly killed city cop Daniel Faulkner on the night of December 9th 1981.  Although there was much physical evidence – non-matching ballistics, as well as admittedly coerced witness’ testimonies – which proved otherwise; the prolific penman was still convicted and sentenced to death anyway.

Due to the defense’s allegations of misconduct – no Amerikkkanized Afrikans on the jury, with police informants and relatives deciding Jamal’s fate instead – and other unscrupulous circumstances surrounding the case, Mumia’s allies are claiming that his Civil Rights were violated, and are seeking a probe that they suggest will unveil what many say was unjust practices by the Philadelphia courts and police.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are expected to be in Philly for the Independence Day festivities this weekend.  Mumia’s backers are looking forward to being in their presence, so that they may bring the ‘Civil Rights Investigation’ demand to their attention in person.

In previous months, the Attorney General’s office has stated that they are aware of Jamal’s case and his consideration for an appeal or Civil Rights Investigation will be determined at a later date.

Hardcore Mumia supporters are optimistic that as long as they continue the pressure in keeping the mounting international resistance against the political-prisoners’ conviction, on the forefront – garnering substantial media attention – that the power of the people will be able to preserve his life, and also earn him his physical freedom.

For more info log on to, &  and to listen to Mumia’s live broadcasts from prison check:

Call:   212.330.8029

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