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Apparently his time in exile has paid off as Charles Hamilton returns renewed, releasing 6 new mixtapes.

If it’s like that, there are a few other rappers that might need to eat a knuckle sandwich if this is the end result.

Launching his blog, Hamilton let off the first of his musical onslaught Well This Isn’t Awkward (Winner Takes All).

“I feel bad. Why would I go so far as fall into my depression, when I can tell y’all why I’m half bugging? And sorry to scare any young people who listen to me. I just been in a very different mind space. So as a gift to the graduating class of 2010, here is…”

“Dr. Intricacy Presents Cinematic Halloucinations Intro”

And with all that said, here go the six mixtapes unleashed and ready for download so just click and enjoy.

Well This Isn’t Awkward (Winner Takes All)

“Good Guy Goes Off”

Autumn Harvest

Atlantis And A…


The L Word: Lust & Love (INComplete)

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