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The last time you heard from Three 6 Mafia’s Crunchy Black, it wasn’t for any sort of Hip-Hop nostalgic reasons. At 40-years-old, the veteran rapper born Darnell Carlton got himself in the crosshairs of the law when he was caught with meth in Las Vegas, eventually earning him a non-paid vacation in jail for seven months back in April.

Seeing that he has plenty of time to reflect these days, HipHopDX’s Ural Garrett managed to put CB’s phone time to use for an interview from within the belly of the beast. And as you could expect, he’s not having the time of his life, seeing that he can’t even listen to music in the “Room 1” he’s currently incarcerated in. However, he’s still holding his head like an OG.

“Oh man, I’m holding up all good. Gone let ’em know. I’m a hood ni**a so this jail shit ain’t sh*t to me,” he says, “Right now man, I’m looking for a whole big change… Because I represent God all the way even though I was representing that Three Six Mafia. I represent God all the way. So, I’m looking for a change right now. When I get out of here, I ain’t going to talk to a lot of people. I ain’t going to answer the phone for you. A lot of people I ain’t messing with. Supposed to be getting their bills paid? I ain’t gone help them. I know God represent me and I represent God and he known what I’m talking bout. He understands why I’m making this change for and what I’m going to do.”

“I don’t feel like he gone be mad at me because I told him I’m going to be one of the key players for him to make people who don’t believe in him, believe in him. So, I’m a looking for a change.”

Crunchy Black also revealed that he still keeps in close contact with DJ Paul and has fans putting money on his books. He also gave updates on his upcoming musical releases, which include a feature with YG, who he learned had gotten shot during the course of the interview.

“I hope he feeling better because you know I got shot too. I got shot in my muthaf*cking head but God was on my side so I hope he got God on his side,” Black said of his Bompton homie.

He also expects to be released from prison just in time for Christmas, on December 23.

Photo: Black Fly Music