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As advertised, Apple Music officially launched today. But will it be able to standout in an increasingly crowded streaming music space? 

That answer is yes, and it has the tools to shine and maybe even trump Spotify, the service currently sitting atop the streaming throne, and will surely have TIDAL watching how things play out.

The running theme that Apple devotees always cling to is that their products just work, whether it be plugging your iPhone into a Macbook or an App doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. Apple Music is no different.

The service has seamlessy been integrated into iTunes. That’s millions upon millions of users who will have access to Apple Music simply by clicking into it on their phone, after the necessary update to iOS 8.4.

From there users will be able to get to streaming radio station Beats 1 (which will have shows from the likes of Dr. Dre and Drake), access curated playlists from Beats Music staff and entities like Rolling Stone magazine and use a Connect feature that allows artists to drop exclusive content to fans. It also has plenty of exclusives on deck, such as Dre’s The Chronic being available to stream or Pharrell dropping his new single, via the service.

Also worth noting, the app will quickly adjust to your own musical preferences, whether it be by asking what music genres you prefer upon its initial launch as well as using the data from your iTunes library. So if you’ve been fine tuning your iTunes for years, Apple Music should start feeling familiar sooner than later.

Time will tell if Apple Music shoves TIDAL, Spotify and whoever else to the side. To coax you into giving it a shot, things kick off with a free three-month trial ($9.99/month after for individuals, $14.99 for a family). Get more info about Apple Music right here.

Photo: Apple