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While Geraldo Rivera continues to attempt to paint Hip-Hop as an offset of white supremacy, the President of the United States severely begs to differ.

Earlier today, July 1, President Obama was conducting a Twitter Q&A to answer questions about healthcare and the Affordable Care Act, when the topic switched the music. At 53-years-young, the president has revealed repeatedly he’s a big fan of music (he recently threw a uber private party at the White House where both and Stevie Wonder performed) and he happily answered Twitter user @theonIyreasn’s question as to what his favorite song was at the moment.

“Was listening to Outkast/Liberation and The Black Keys/Lonely Boy this morning,” he tweeted, getting tens of thousands of retweets and favorites in return.

The former is the penultimate track on the Atlanta rap duo’s 1998 classic album, Aquemini, which also features vocals from Cee Lo Green, Joi Gilliam and Erykah Badu. It is a record that describes perseverance and inspiration in the audio sense and couldn’t have been a better choice.

Of course, both Grammy Award-winning sets of artists responded to the tweets as well. Flip over to the next page to see their reactions.

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