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One of the most underlying themes in the tense race discussions across a variety of platforms is the term, “White Privilege.” The term has been a bit difficult to explain for some, considering the strides many Americans have made in recent times, but a new video might be of assistance.

The good folks over at Buzzfeed filmed a social experiment titled “What Is Privilege” featuring men and women of different races and backgrounds. According to The Huffington Post, the questions were formed based on an exercise created by late social activist Margo Adair and partner Sharon Howell.

A series of 35 questions were asked of the group of nine, who all stood in a line with their hands adjoined. The questions were framed around social and economic factors that may have had an effect on the group, asking them to take one step forward or back depending on the question.

The most telling example of how the experiment best explained the phenomenon of white privilege occurred when an educated Black woman who happens to be gay is the person furthest back in the line.

Watch the video from Buzzfeed below.

Photo: YouTube