President Barack Obama granted commutations to 46 drug offenders which led  to the reduction of lengthy sentences all coming to an end this November on Monday. In a video message, the President explained his decision to lower the offenders’ time in prison as they were victims of stricter sentencing guidelines crafted in the ’80’s.

Media outlets such as CNN have reported that Obama has commuted more sentences than any other president since Lyndon B. Johnson. To date, the President has lowered sentences for almost 90 individuals during his time in office.

Of the 46 offenders that were given commutations, 14 were serving life prison sentences. As a result of drug sentencing guidelines issues in the ’80’s, the offenders were made examples of although many of them did not have violent criminal pasts.

In the video which can be seen in a link below, Obama talks in grander detail on why the move to commute the sentences was a significant moment for the criminal justice system.

It was also announced on the White House website by Counsel to the President Neil Eggleston that there will be further details revealed around criminal justice system reform in an address to the NAACP on Tuesday.

To view President Barack Obama’s video regarding the clemency granted to 46 drug offenders, follow this link.


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