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The lineage between any MC worth their mettle and Tupac Shakur is always there and Eminem is no exception.

The most successful rapper of all-time recently paid homage to the direct inspiration for Pac’s life–Ms. Afeni Shakur as a contribution to the The Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Georgia, Marshall Mathers expressed how the subject of “Dear Mama” actually inspired his life growing up as well.

“When I was feeling at my worst, I knew I could put that Tupac tape in, and suddenly things weren’t so bad,” he admitted. “He gave me the courage to stand up and say ‘F**k the world!’ ‘This is who I am! And if you don’t like it, go f**k yourself!’ Thank you for giving us his spirit and yours. Thank you for giving us his spirit and yours! God bless you!” He also showed off his stencil skills by enclosing a drawn portrait of her son with the caption: “To Afeni, your friend 4-ever!–Marshall.”

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The multi-platinum rapper has also made up with his own mother, Debbie Mathers in the past couple years, showcasing how his maturity has also expanded over the years.

Peep the heartfelt Afeni Shakur letter and 2Pac drawing below.


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