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Joey BadA$$ is without a doubt one of the most talented young Hip-Hop artists of today, but he might want to fall back on the social commentary just a bit. Early Monday morning (July 20), the Brooklyn spitter took to Twitter and launched a mini-rant seemingly defending Bill Cosby while adding that onlookers are being manipulated by the media.

BadA$$ began the series of tweets by saying, “I don’t f*ck with the Bill Cosby slander,” and despite the recently released court documents the rapper still kept his gat off safety towards anyone who dissed his “childhood hero.”

BadA$$ kept much of his venom aimed towards the media and to anyone who believed the reports of allegations and other forms of testimony. Naturally, BadA$$’s followers checked him, but he decided to sidestep much of the criticism by telling folks to go to his SnapChat to hear his view on the matter.

He later tried to clean it up and said the memes going around that depict Cosby as a rapist was what sparked his earlier rant.

Not that Joey BadA$$ can’t have an opinion on such things, but this looks to be one of those “Illuminati Got Ya Mind Soul and Your Body” moments along with a little too much of the green stuff.

Either way, the kid should know that this much dirt coming out on one man can’t be the start of some “distraction” or plot to bring down the guy who hustled Pudding Pops on TV.

Hit the following pages to see Joey BadA$$ defend Bill Cosby and slam the media in the process.

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